Multi-Purpose Renovation Compound
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Multi-Purpose Renovation Compound.
ARDEX A 950 is a multi-purpose rapid drying, deep fill renovation compound. ARDEX A 950 can reshape and repair walls and floors. Apply from 2mm – 100mm, the mortar will harden after approximately 1 hour, regardless of thickness.
  • Can receive finishes after 24 hours regardless of thickness
  • Ideal for general building work, and filling large cavities and deep holes around door frames
  • Can facilitate “dot and dab” fixing of plasterboards
  • Can be used as a modelling mortar smooth and shape before drying with stencils to create architectural features, such as columns and pedestals.
  • Smoothing, repairing and levelling of walls
  • Can be tiled in as little as 90 minutes
  • Low-tension, shrinkage compensated, even in thick layers
  • Slump free, apply from 2mm to 100mm
Unit Size Available: 25kg
Coverage: Approximately 8m2 at 3mm thick per 25kg unit