Fast Track Screeds

To cope with the demands of the industry, many projects require fast turnarounds that minimise downtime and disruption, and allow fast track installations by facilitating the early laying of floorcoverings.

Traditional sand/cement screeds can take months to dry, but ARDEX screeds that incorporate the unique ARDEX RAPIDRY FORMULA Technology, can receive floorcoverings, including ceramic tiles, after only 4 hours, regardless of thickness.

    Penetrating Screed Renovation System
  • ARDEX EP 2000
    Multi-Functional Epoxy Resin
  • ARDEX A 29
    Rapid Drying Cement for Internal and External Screeds
  • ARDEX A 18
    Screed Bonding Cement with Colour Indicator
  • ARDEX A 35
    Rapid Setting and Ultra Rapid Drying Cement for Internal Floor Screeds
  • ARDEX A 35 MIX
    Rapid Drying Pre-Blended Screeding and Screed Repair Mortar for Internal Use
  • ARDEX A 38
    Rapid Hardening and Drying Cement for Floor Screeds in Internal or External Locations
  • ARDEX A 23
    Rapid Hardening Cement for Floor Screeds
  • ARDEX E 100
    Tile Grout Improver Additive to Improve Screeding Mortars, and for Bonding/Slurry Grouts
  • ARDEX A 38 MIX
    Pre-Blended Ultra Rapid Drying Cement for Internal & External Screeds