Ultra Rapid Setting Latex Sub-Floor Levelling and Smoothing Compound
Technical Datasheet Declaration of Performance Health & Safety Datasheet (Liquid) Health & Safety Datasheet (Powder)
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By reducing the need for intensive preparation and priming, ARDITEX NA saves you both time and money. Renowned versatility, advanced site tolerance and a reduction in preparation machinery hire, lost time and call backs, all help to ensure that with ARDITEX NA, there really is no alternative.
  • Can be used with confidence over old adhesive residues, including bitumen, and even direct to ceramic tiling
  • Ultra rapid setting, apply floorcoverings after only 4 hours
  • Can be used under or over an ARDEX Damp Proof Membrane
  • No primer required
Unit Size Available: 20kg Powder 4.85kg Latex
Coverage: 5.2m2 at 3mm thick