Polished Concrete Topping
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ARDEX PC-T 4 offers a fast track solution when you’re looking to create the ultimate polished concrete floor. For internal use only and available in concrete grey, ARDEX PC-T 4 can be polished to create outstanding visual results, and an easy to maintain, incredibly durable floor.

ARDEX PC-T 4 can be used in retail stores, schools, airports and all areas where a fast track, polished concrete surface is desired.

Walkable after 2 to 3 hours
Polish in as little as 24 hours
Install from 10mm to 50mm neat
30mm to 130 mm (incorporating aggregate)
Abrasion resistant to class AR1
Pourable and Pumpable
For interior use
Unit Size Available: 25KG
Coverage: 1.87kg ARDEX PC-T 4 powder/m2/mm, e.g., one bag will cover approximately 1.3m2 at 10mm thickness.