Ardex Warranty

Product Warranty

A product warranty is applicable on all Ardex products for a period of between 10 – 25 years depending on the product. Ardex warrant that their manufactured product is free from defects as well as being suitable for the purpose for which it is intended, that is as long as it has been applied in accordance with the Ardex published literature.

SystemARDEX Warranty

The SystemARDEX Warranty is project specific and warrants that the SystemARDEX combination of products that forms the total system are free from defects, are 100% compatible and the system combination is suitable for the purpose intended.

The SystemARDEX Warranty is designed for applications involving multiple Ardex products that form a system for a particular purpose. For example, floor surface preparation prior to laying vinyl may include up to five different Ardex products and the total SystemARDEX combination would be warranted as being free from defects, totally compatible and suitable for a particular project application.

For full details on Ardex Warranties please contact a member of the Team.