Extended Workability, High Flow Levelling and Smoothing Compound
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Market leading workable wet edge of up to 40 minutes! With its extended wet edge, fresh applications of ARDEX K 39 can be easily smoothed into existing pre-applied material for up to 40 minutes after application, making it ideal for complicated areas, adjoining rooms and large areas where pumping is require. Furthermore, the use of ARDEX K 39 eliminates the need to ‘rub down’
  • the adjoining mixes the following day.
  • Workable wet edge of up to 40 minutes
  • Excellent coverage – 7.4m2 at 2mm thick
  • Rapid hardening – walkable in as little as 2 hours
  • Spike rolling not always necessary
  • Highly versatile – apply from 1.5mm
Unit Size Available: 22kg
Coverage: 7.4m2 at 2mm thick