ARDEX Products During Winter Temperatures

The use of ARDEX Building Products Ireland’s(ABPIL) products during winter temperatures.

We are writing to clarify our recommendations for the use of ABPIL products during cold weather.

Our products are designed to work at 20°C. Cold weather impacts the feel and performance of all construction materials. In general, the setting and drying is extended, and the site must take precautions to mitigate this to avoid delays in the schedule.

General Information
The storage and installation temperatures are detailed in the Technical Datasheets for each product. Generally, a minimum substrate temperature of 10°C, and an air temperature of 5°C and rising is required. However, for flooring applications >18°C is specified by BS 8203.
The site has the responsibility to take steps to provide protection of materials, and may need to put in place hoarding, sheeting, heating and ventilation to avoid delays.

All our products must be protected from sub-zero temperatures and must not be allowed to freeze. Storing materials outside or in vehicles during the colder months will chill them. If chilled, preconditioning inside is recommended for 24-48 hours before use.

Ensure that after installation, our products are dried or fully cured prior to proceeding with subsequent installations and/or opening to traffic. Drying can be facilitated by using electric heaters/fans to circulate the air. Gas heaters should generally not be used as these contribute to raising the RH of the room/area. Do not blow air directly onto the substrate.

Liquids (Moisture Control Products, Primers, Admixes and Sealers)
These products must not be allowed to freeze. If you suspect that a liquid has been frozen, do not use, and dispose of the damaged materials properly.

The strength development of cementitious products can be significantly retarded by low temperatures. Do not install if ambient temperatures will fall below 5oC within 48 hours after installation. The use of warm mix water (warmer than standard potable water) to compensate for the cold installation temperatures is not recommended as it can impact the workability of the products.

Floor Covering Adhesives
According to BS 8203, all floor coverings should be preconditioned and installed at a minimum of 18oC and this temperature should be maintained for at least 48 hours before, during and after installation.

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