Adhesion to Thin Mesh Backed Tiles

13th November 2018 From: ARDEX UK Technical Services Department

This type of tile is typically a very thin (3-5mm thickness) veneer of porcelain adhered onto a mesh backing. The backing has an almost 100% covering of a fibre “basket weave” mesh which is a barrier to adhesion and prevents tile adhesives adhering to the actual tile.

The Tile Association published a document in August 2013 describing the issues of fixing this type of tile, part of which is described below.

“It is the tile manufacturer/supplier that must take responsibility for ensuring the product is fit for purpose and for:

1. Specifying a compatible class of tile bedding adhesive for their product, as classified in BS EN 12004
2. Specifying the backgrounds that are suitable/not suitable for their product
3. Specifying the type of end use environment that their product is suitable/not suitable for”.

With regards to the ARDEX recommendations of ARDEX tile adhesives for Thin Mesh Backed Tiles:

• In the case where points 1-3 above are met by the tile manufacturer, and the type of adhesive classification is clearly stated (for example C2 TE S1) – ARDEX may recommend the ARDEX adhesives that meets the manufactures criteria, with the caveat that a test panel be conducted by the contractor before commencing full scale works.

• For specification purposes, ABPIL can conduct adhesion type testing on samples. Points 1-3 above must be satisfied, and the testing will require 4-6 weeks lead time after receipt of test samples. The request for this type of work should be made to Technical via the ARDEX team.

For commercial applications or further information, contact the ABPIL team for written recommendations.

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